Onii-Kiss Soundtrack

Onii-Kiss Soundtrack

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Get a physical copy of the Onii-Kiss soundtrack!

Songs Include:

1. Lazy Days
2. Comfy Life
3. What Could Go Wrong
4. Oops!
5. Warm Lips
6. I Know It In My Heart
7. Aberrance
8. Onii-chan, Where's My Kiss (Music Box Version)
9. Lucky Four-Leaf Clover
10. Precious Things
11. Moment of Truth
12. Heart to Heart
13. Heartbeat
14. Or Maybe Not
15. Onii-chan, Where's My Kiss
16. Kissing You (short ver.)
17. Secret Magic Words (short ver.)
18. Surprise Kiss (short ver.)
19. Sweet❤Kiss (short ver.)
20. Final Kiss Report (short ver.)


Does not ship to Japan